Winter Vacation Kills

Roxanne Richardson

Roxanne is a very complex girl, she worships makeup like it's a religion. She is very naturally beautiful but just doesn't realize it. She cares about her friends (yes, even pablo) and family very much. She has a pet frog named Prince and loves all other animals too. She is excited to go to California for Winter Vacation, but doesn't know something sinister is waiting for her.

Charice Monroe

Charice is different than other girls and does her best to be as different as possible. She loves flowers but is allergic to tulips, she loves animals but is allergic to crickets, she loves veggies but is allergic to celery. She also has a slight crush on Pablo, but is weirded out by his strange actions.

Pablo Winston

Pablo is a very, special shall we say, boy. He loves hot dogs and acting cool but doesn't know he's kind of a dork. He also likes Charice but is afraid she'll never like him back. He also lives to fill himself with calories so he can create muscle to impress everyone.