The Princess Academy

Miri Hawthorn

Miri is a unique individual, she dares to be different. She had to work in the rock quarry for a long time after her mother died. She wishes her life would change, but nothing could have prepared her for what came next. Recruited by palace guards, she was taken from her small village and sent to the Princess Academy to be taught how to be a princess. Luckily, she is helped and guided by her two new best friends she met at the academy.

Ronald Hawthorn

Ronald is Miri's kindhearted father, he loves Miri more than anything. He has been working in the quarry for 30 years, and was introduced to his wife through it. She went into the sewing business to support her family, but was visiting her husband when a huge avalanche killed her.
Ronald was torn but kept moving to support Miri.

Rachel Rose

Rachel is a kind girl who loves to help animals and young children. She is very interested in books and art, she's also very loyal to her two best friends. She also hopes on becoming the next princess, but won't get upset if one of her friends gets him.

Abby Sansome

Abby is a very sweet girl who will do anything for her friends. She gets teased a lot by other girls, but knows beauty is on the inside not the outside. She loves to daydream and sing and hopes to one day become the princess as well.

Eva Hart

Eva is probably described as a cruel heartless woman who thinks beauty in on the outside and you must get everyone out of the way to reach power and wealth. She'd kill a kid and stuff his body in a bag (see picture) anyday to gain riches. Her name is ironic because she has no "hart" at all.